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Edge Can Opener

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Maybe you bought a lot of can openers, after a few uses, they are unable to work, they will rust, it is difficult to operate, very inconvenient! But now, It has improved all the shortcomings with its unique design to bring the biggest convenience for you, let you enjoy the comfort of the kitchen.


1.Can opener cuts the can’s lid efficiently from the side in a smooth, clean manner without leaving jagged sharp edges, smooth and no sharp edge cover, protect ensure your fingers safe. safe to use can opener by yourself and even your children.

2.Can opener is made from food safe stainless steel blade and extremely durable sturdy, ensuring can opener won't rust or break over the time.

3.Can opener with ergonomic design, easy turning knob and a good comfortable crank handle makes can opener cutting open cans effortless, fast and simple.

4.Appropriate size makes this opener easy to carry when you are traveling or camping. It can open all kinds of round and oval cans. 

5.Can opener with new design, cut lid in sideways. The cutting blade will not touch the food and the lid can be put back into the can without falling into the food, which ensures the food clean. 


1.Product Size: 22*6cm(8.6*2.3 inches)

2.Product Weight: 136g(4.7 ounce)

3.Handle Material: TPR

4.Head Handle Material: ABS+Alloy cutter head


How to use:

1. Place can opener at the edge of can

2. Turn knob forward to cut around the can

3. Turn knob backwards to easily lift lid

4. The lid will not fall into the can and is smooth without any sharp edges

Package Includes:

1 x Can Opener with Box

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