PALERMO Single Bed Mattress



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If you’re waking up to a new set of aches and pains every day, it may be a sign that your mattress needs replacing. For many, the thought of replacing a mattress brings about worries of cost, effort, and hesitation as to whether they’ve purchased the right product or not. Why not let FactoryFast do all of the hard work? Our Palermo Single bed mattress is simple, yet offers support, movement absorption, weight distribution, and soft quilting – everything a mattress should offer. The mattress consists of multiple support layers with a solid spring core, all wrapped up in cosy quilting – ideal for getting a good night’s sleep without feeling achy afterwards. Trust us! Your back, joints, and brain will thank you! Features: Mattress height: 15cm approx Mattress dimensions: approximately 92 x 187cm Solid spring core for support and movement absorption

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