Goldfish Bowl Small Ecological Desktop Household Ultra White Glass Creative Aquarium



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Goldfish Bowl Decoration Living Room Small Ecological Desktop Household Ultra White Glass Creative Free Replacement Aquarium


Weight: 6.1KG

Volume: no

Type: Fish

The applicable object: Fish 

Material: Glass 

Fish tank type: Goldfish bowl

Fish tank form: Package style

Aquariums Type: Aquariums

Applicable scene: Study, living room, desktop

Glass goldfish bowl. Please carefully understand the product details before purchase. If you have any doubts, please communicate with the us, thank you.

About color difference and quality issues >>

The following situations are not quality issues. Please read carefully before shooting. If the requirements are perfect and cannot be accepted, please be careful to shoot, so as not to affect your happy shopping mood and shop shopping experience
1. The product pictures and videos are all taken in kind, but due to factors such as shooting technology, light, display parameters, the actual object received will be different from the photo, please take the actual object as the standard.
2. The color of products made of ceramics, and glass fiber reinforced plastics will be slightly different due to the color mixing ratio of the coloring master, the filling temperature, etc., high temperature filling may sometimes cause bubbles and uneven colors, which are normal conditions and are not within the quality range
3. In some relatively low spaces, there are sometimes a small amount of bumps or incomplete blanking. This is determined by the process characteristics of resin or FRP crafts. It is not within the quality range. If you mind, please be careful.
4.After confirming receipt of the package. If you have any questions, please contact us, we will provide you with a satisfactory solution. Product satisfaction trouble give 5 stars praise, thanks!

Note: Please understand the size to order, the product can not be filled with water beyond the water mark.

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