Nearly Natural Home Indoor Decorative Tabletop Fancy Giant Phal Orchid


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Easily one of nature's rarest, most sought-after, and beautiful plants, the Phal Orchid has been delighting plant enthusiasts for centuries. That's because no other plant has quite the same delicate beauty and intricate look. And this classic silk reproduction is spot on, right down to the baby buds at the end. Delight your decor (or a friend's) with this incredible specimen. Comes with a glass planter, complete with faux water and river rock.


  • Height: 26 In. Width: 15 In. Depth: 6 In.
  • Category: Silk Arrangement.
  • Vase: H: 5 In. W: 5 In. D: 5 In.
  • Color: Orchid.

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