Electric rodent repeller and insects with LED lamp



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- emitts ultrasonic waves with fixed or variable frequency as well as electromagnetic waves that turn on automatically when plugged into socket
- emitted waves drives away effectively mice, cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas and mosquitos
- do not emitt any smell or harmful chemicals
- do not interfere with any other electronic devices
- equipped with LED light
- for indoor usage only
- power supply: AC 220V - 240V
- power consumption: 2,3W
- ultrasonic wave frequency:
1. with FIXED mode: 28kHz
2. with VARIABLE mode: 25kHz - 50kHz (when wave frequency is variable, animals can’ t adapt to the environment, what improves repel effect
- working area: 200m²

- height: 12,5 cm
- width: 7,5 cm

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