Classic Toilet Paper Holder Bathroom Matte Black Finish


Toilet Paper Holder

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Della Francesca has designed a sleek, modern toilet paper holder that is both durable and affordable. This toilet paper holder will add an instantly modern feel to any bathroom. This toilet paper holder is perfect for any person or contractor who wants to add a stylish and modern touch to a bathroom while making sure it is durable as well. The matte black finish ensures that this toilet paper holder will work with many existing decors and designs. There is a simple but sleek rounded end design that will keep your toilet paper where it's supposed to be without the use of the traditional spring mechanism. The rounded design adds a touch of class and elegance to any bathroom. If you're in the process of renovating your bathroom and want both a durable and affordable toilet paper holder, look no further than Della Francesca's design. Order yours today! Features Durable Construction Gorgeous Matte Black Finish Timeless Design Dimensions: 175 x 65 x 52mm

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