7 Styles Telescopic Magnetic Pen Metalworking Handy Pickup Rod Stick

2LB Black
2LB Silver
10LB Orange
8LB Orange
2LB Red
5LB Red

Pickup Rod Stick

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7 Styles Telescopic Magnetic Pen Metalworking Handy Tool Magnet Capacity for Picking Up Nut Bolt Adjustable Pickup Rod Stick


Type 1: Household Tool

Type: Combination

Type: Home Tool

Size: 125mm-840mm

Package: Bag

Model Number: Extendable Pick-Up Rod Stick

Material: Stainless steel 

DIY Supplies: Metalworking

Application: Household Tool Set   


Color: As the picture shows
item type: Suck iron rods
Material: Metal + Magnetic


1. Magnetic sucker, when you fall into the gap for the iron thing, holes, or When you can not get caught in the tank, please use sucker to solve, Simple, convenient, fast.
2. Factory, Personal or other industries Suction screw, nut tools, suction rods, owners DIY, essential, Tail handle or plastic sleeve type

Package included:

1x Telescopic Adjustable Magnetic Pick-Up Tools

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