7/12inch Moving 3D Sand Art Picture Round Glass Hourglass Deep Sea Sandscape

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3D Sand Art Picture

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7/12inch Moving 3D Sand Art Picture Round Glass Hourglass Deep Sea Sandscape In Motion Display Flowing Sand Frame For home Decor


sea glass: sand art glass 

home décor: art decoration

Décor home: sand glass picture

décor for home: wall art décor


Style: feng shui 

Material: Glass

Is Smart Device: NO


* Smooth movement of sand relieves stress, relaxes your eyes and increases patience.

* Each flip can produce a completely non-repetitive dynamic painting.

* It is conducive to the development of intelligence and improve mood.

* The glass frame is crystal clear and luxurious.

* The inner frame of the plastic has a strong concave and convex feel.

* Suitable for living room and bedroom decoration.

* Acrylic base: Acrylic material is delicate and thick and can be placed anywhere, such as hotels, restaurants, bars, dance halls, bedrooms, offices and study rooms.

* The combined flow of liquid allows each turn to flow smoothly.

* It is picked up on the table, rotated, and placed horizontally like a photo frame. Watch the mountains, valleys and dunes that form in front of your eyes!

Material: glass, acrylic, quicksand


If there are few air bubbles, please let the quicksand stand still to the bottom, the air bubbles are on the top, and then shake, it will generate more small air bubbles, and it will flow more slowly.

If you want the quicksand to be slower, you can use a syringe to inject air into it, so that it has more bubbles, so that the quicksand will flow more slowly.

Package Included:

1 x quicksand painting

1 x Syringe (for injecting air bubbles or water)


* 3D Quicksand Table Lamp allows you to fully enjoy the beauty of quicksand. Carefully screened colorful sand and levels clearly demarcated, flow out excellent 3D effect patterns.

* Adjustable brightness and color temperature, 3 light modes and the light is soft, no flicker, no dazzling, no infrared.

* Every time you turn the dynamic sand picture frame, you get a different image.

* The Moving Sands Picture is a wonderful ornament to decorate your home or office. Great gift for your friends or families.

* Continuous flow of sand painting, can alleviate pressure and relieve eye fatigue, suitable for office workers, students and people who work long hours in front of the computer.


1.【360° Rotation】: The sand painting can be rotated 360°, ever-changing.

2.【Adjustable brightness】: The brightness of the desk lamp is adjustable, which can create an ideal resting environment, help people fall asleep quickly, and improve sleep quality. Can also be placed in the kids room, your kids will love them!

3.【Unique features】: lead-free high-transparency glass is as clear and transparent as water droplets, allowing you to fully enjoy the beauty of quicksand.

4.【Perfect Ornament】: This is an item that can be both a table lamp and a beautiful ornament. Sand painting is suitable to be placed on the desk to relax the eyes and soothe the mind. Also suitable for living room, bedroom, office, study, reception, exhibition dress, festival dress, etc.




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