Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Jul 25 , 2021

Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

If your home has bare walls that you want turned into classic and stylish center pieces, there are some wall decor ideas that you can think carefully.  Regardless of the theme or style of your home, you can scale it up without necessarily breaking your bank.  Whether you are a nature enthusiast or an art collector, you can customize your walls to surround yourself with the things that you love and adore.  Here are some wall decor ideas you can try to refresh your space. 

  1. Setting up gallery walls. This is one of the favorite wall decor ideas.
  2. Displaying beautiful paintings.
  3. Using mirrors as wall decors. It will make your space look bigger, brighter, and more visually interesting.
  4. Creating a vertical garden by fixing shelves and placing potted plants. You can include plants such as lavender, jasmine, gardenia, eucalyptus, and areca palm.
  5. Putting a mural. This is an artwork directly painted on walls, or printed on paper and then fixed.
  6. Using wall sconces. These are candle holders attached to a wall, and have ornamental brackets.
  7. Fixing metal wall art. Decorative metal wall art is one of the many ways of decorating your wall and showcasing yourself through art.  

Metal wall art comes in many different styles, and made from various earthly materials like gold, silver, bronze, tin, lead, iron and some others. 

These art pieces are a great way to fill  bare walls that need some decorative features.  Why not give your walls the WOW factor using unique metal wall art?  Our shop, Gorgeous Home & Garden, has a large variety of metal wall arts that you can choose from.  These are some of the products sold on our website: 

*  Flower metal wall decor with metallic gold edge finish.

*  Distressed metal blowing leaves wall decor.

*  Textured metal plates wall decor

*  Bronze acrylic burst metal wall decor

*  Well-crafted galvanized daisy metal wall decor

*  Traditional white and blue scroll wall-decor

*  Blooming white and gold metal flower wall decor 

There are more to see at our website www.gorgeoushomegarden.com from groupings of leaves, flowers, to abstract metal wall art, to geometric shapes, to animal sculptures, you are sure to find here the perfect piece for the walls of your home. 

Our metal wall arts, large and small, will help fill your bare walls and dress up your home environment. With our wide selection of items, there is something for every taste, where metal wall art is concerned at Gorgeous Home & Garden.  Metal tree wall art and metal leaf wall art are great for nature lovers.  Round metal wall arts will fit a sleek and contemporary room, as they will make your space feel more eye-catching.  Our items have different colors and shades, as you can see when you visit our website. 

Browse through our metal wall art display and find the inspiration that you need.  Then refresh your walls with the products that you choose to transform your space from bland to beautiful.  Redecorating your room need not be expensive;  you can have it uplifted with some minor and affordable additions like our metal wall arts. 

For more information, visit our website or send us an email at support@gorgeoushomegarden.com.  You may also call us at our phone numbers 1 (206) 999 5640.