Living Room Decor Tricks for a Standout Space

Jul 25 , 2021

Living Room Decor Tricks for a Standout Space

The living room is also the heart of the house, like the kitchen.  It is used in entertaining your guests, spending movie nights with family, sometimes with friends, reading good books, helping out the kids with their assignments, and other family activities. Of course, you would want your living room to become functional and presentable.  It needs the right furniture, such as a sofa set and some decorative pieces that will make it a stand out space. 

If you wouldn’t know how to start creating an ideal space which is practical, stylish and useful, let us share with you our round up of living room decor tricks.  Whether you aim to revamp your living room completely, or simply refresh it for the season, you’re sure to find the design idea that you like.  Here we go. 

  1. Curtains, Blinds and Rugs

 Your choice of curtains will depend on the shape and size of your living room windows however, there’s a great variety out there. You may opt for simple yet elegant curtains in wool or heavy linen, or something brighter for an attractive feel.  Blinds are great for small living rooms; and fun pattern will make them decorative features.  The rug may be rustic, traditional or modern. 

  1. Wall Mirrors 

Wall mirrors represent the most perfect example of living room accessory.  They add light, illusion of a spacious room, adds a shine, and a feeling of being high in quality.  Hang a large mirror above your sofa, a cupboard or sideboard, or the fireplace. 

  1. Luxurious Throw Pillows 

Invest in throw pillows and throw blankets, made up of luxurious textiles such as silk, velvet, metallic linen, and faux fur.  They look expensive, feel expensive, with textured surfaces look great, when put in your existing furniture.  Choose colorful textiles that complement your sofa or armchair. 

  1. Glam Accessories 

Coasters, candlesticks and trays in high end finishes, such as gold and marble crystal will make your living room look expensive.  Place them strategically on surfaces like coffee table or a shelf above a fireplace, where they can draw eyes, when you enter the room. 

  1. Statement Lighting 

Whether it’s placed on the table, in the ceiling, on the floor or on the wall of the living room, the lighting source can also be a statement piece. For your wall, especially, you can find fixtures that can make your room stand out.  At Gorgeous Home & Garden,  we have a wide variety of lighting products that when fixed in position will attract attention.  Some examples include: 

                *  LED light wall lamps for living room and also for the bedroom and dining room

                *  Modern minimalist wall lamp, black and white, aisle lighting decor

                *  Brushed silver-black double head wall-lamp. 

  1. Metal Wall Art 

Art work in the living room will make your room feel high end.  Metal wall art tend to spruce up your wall environment, besides helping to fill the room’s bare walls.  Choose your wall art decor from the display at Gorgeous Home & Garden whether you want leaves, flowers or metal tree wall art, you will find what you are looking for. 

                *  Multi metallic ring wall decor

                *  Tri-color metal circles wall decor

                *  Modern large 3-D crystal wall clock 

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